Drum Teacher: Robert Lobato


My Background

I began my music interests at age 10, learning to play the clarinet while in grade school. It was at the age of 12 that I discovered the drums.  A group of musicians were visiting my school and performed for the students. The energy I felt from their performance immediately led me to pursue becoming a drummer. Since I began, I have had the privilege of studying under some of the finest drum instructors and musicians known worldwide, such as, Ralph Humphrey, David Garibaldi, Ed Shaughnessy and Freddy Gruber. My performances have taken me all over the world...from Los Angeles to the Jamaican Ocho Rios Jazz Festivals. I have performed in jazz trios, quartets and big bands, as well as, dance bands with horns. The techniques that were taught to me in my formative years, and my personal understanding of what a student yearns to learn, have allowed me to advance many aspiring student drummers to levels far exceeding their expectations. 

-Robert Lobato


Sharing my Passion

I have developed the most effective method of teaching new drummers to read, write and perform their favorite songs. This new system will rapidly build the student's confidence. As a parent, you will see your child not only enjoy the confidence of grasping advanced drum techniques in as little as 3 lessons, but hear them playing their favorite songs within a matter of weeks. 



I offer private, in-home lessons. My methods of teaching advance students at a comfortable pace and gives them both optimism and continued interest in learning to read, write and perform like a professional.